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Playing is Learning

In Early Years, we ensure that all activities set out link to the areas of learning from the curriculum. As well as this, we provide children with rich and authentic experiences, so they understand our world. We maintain a balance of child initiated and adult directed activities, so children can achieve their full potential. We also use In The Moment Planning (ITMP), so we can follow the children's interests incidentally, providing amazing teaching moments! Children understand Cool Time (choose our own learning) as a time we continue to learn through play. 


Under the Sea!

This term, the children have been exploring animals and objects that they can find in the sea. They have made links in their play based on what they have learnt from storybooks. 

We have read:

- Steve, Terror of the Sea

- Pirates Love Underpants 

- Commotion in the Ocean 

- Sharing a Shell

- Julian is a Mermaid 


Outdoor play! 

The children enjoy exploring the outdoors. They have been playing in the mud kitchen, hunting for bugs, taking part in Science experiments, creating pictures using natural materials and much more! 

Active Learning

The children have been engaging in active learning, where we ensure that the areas of learning are achieved. Check out the pages to see what we get up to...