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Pentecost - Sunday 31st May

Pentecost - Sunday 31st May 1

Pentecost in 2 Minutes

God Sends the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit Comes - Acts 2 - Pentecost for Kids

Weekly Worship & Song 9

This week’s time of prayer focuses on Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday Word

Wednesday Word 1
Wednesday Word 2

Ascension Day - Thursday 21st May

Ascension Day - Thursday 21st May  1

Prayers and Readings at Mass

Jesus' Ascension

This story focuses on Jesus' acension after his resurrection and the message that he gave to his disciples right before he was taken to heaven.

Shine Jesus Shine

Weekly Worship & Song 8

This week’s Weekly Worship and Song puts its focus on Mary, in this month of May when we pay particular attention to Our Lady in our prayers.

Weekly Worship & Song 7

This weeks Weekly Worship & Song has a focus on Jesus the Prince of Peace, reminding us how Jesus tells us His Disciples not to be afraid. #Easter2020

Letter from Pope Francis

Letter from Pope Francis 1
Picture 1

The Rosary in 2 Minutes

Prayers of the Rosary

Hail Mary || One Life Music

Mary of Gladness || One Life Music

Magnificat // CJM MUSIC

Hail Mary // CJM MUSIC

Marian Reflections || Fr David Donoghue

Mother of the Church

Link to Shared Resources from the Birmingham Diocesan Education Service

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Say your prayers!

Say your prayers!  1
Say your prayers!  2
Say your prayers!  3

My Hands are Yours

Dan and Emily Sing together Be My Stronghold

During a very difficult and challenging time for everyone #COVID19 Dan and Emily had to get creative in how they could sing together.

Dan & Emily sing His Goodness Never Fails

Dan and Emily are continuing to be working from separate places during this time of Isolation. But that doesn't stop us singing together and calling on God's Goodness and Love as the Good Shepherd watches over us all.

"My Lighthouse"

One of our favourite hymns

Another favourite hymn: Here I am to Worship

Another favourite hymn: 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)