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The Teaching of Geography at St Mary and St Benedict


Geography teaching in St Mary and St Benedict school aims to help pupils to:-


a]  develop a sense of what it might be like to live in different places in the world and explore the connections and links between these places.

b]  acquire the background knowledge about locations which is necessary to understand the context of local, national and international events.

c]  understand some of the important characteristics of the Earth’s major physical systems and to consider the way in which these physical systems are connected and are changing.

d]  understand the relationships between people and their environment and develop awareness of the need to protect and conserve the environment.

e]  appreciate the ways in which patterns in human activities are influenced by their location and economic, social and political processes.

f]  develop an appreciation of the ethnic, cultural, economic and political diversity of human society and of the interdependence of people, places and environments throughout the world.

g]  identify and investigate important cultural, social and political issues and changes relating to places and the environment in a sensitive and considered way.

h]  acquire the techniques and skills necessary for geographical enquiry.

i]   develop important cross-curricular intellectual and social skills, including the ability to observe, analyse and communicate.