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How will I know that my child is making progress ?

How will I know that my child is making progress?


You will have regular parent consultations to keep you informed of how well your child is doing. You can look in your child's books to see how well your child is progressing, the school has a 'book look' once a term but you are welcome to see the books whenever you like.

If you have any concerns you can meet with your child’s teacher in between these meetings.


Who should I contact if I am not happy with my child’s learning and/or progress?

We like to think we are approachable and would suggest you follow the pattern below:

The first contact should be to your child’s class teacher who will try their best to resolve your problem or concern.

If your problem/concern cannot be resolved by the teacher ask to meet with the school SENCo/Inclusion leader.

If you are still not happy then arrange an appointment to meet with the Headteacher.

If you feel we have still not been able to resolve your problem/concern then see our complaints procedure.