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The Curriculum at St Mary and St Benedict 

Our bespoke curriculum is tailored for our children, reflecting their lives in Coventry and celebrating their families' heritages whilst placing Christ at the centre and being ambitious for all. Our curriculum provides contextualised and progressive learning of key knowledge and skills, alongside opportunities to develop personal, social and life skills across a range of subjects to ensure our pupils can succeed and achieve their full potential. Our curriculum is designed to be exciting, engaging and relevant; to nurture a love of reading and learning; to promote social justice and values; and to enable all of our children to shine now and in the future!


Termly overviews, and more information about the curriculum for each phase, may be found on the Year Pages.


Equality and Diversity

At St Mary and St Benedict, we aim to teach pupils about the importance of equality and diversity: promoting that everyone is different, but staying together forms a community. This teaching provides pupils with the opportunity to explore our characteristics and promotes understanding. As well as this, we dive in deeper to family tradition, culture and heritage to develop an understanding of how we are all different. To ensure we teach in line with Development Matters (EYFS) and the National Curriculum, we use these statements to support the learning of equality and diversity, particularly with History. We are developing opportunities to celebrate our diverse community. 

We encourage pupils to use a range of skills that have been used across different areas of learning to discuss their thoughts on equality and diversity. To ensure pupils stay motivated, we consider how they can relate to topics and how they can achieve their best. Inspirational figures are introduced into lessons, so pupils have the opportunity to see themselves in the classroom.

We will:

* Provide an exciting, rich and relevant Equality and Diversity curriculum for all pupils that is in line with the current curriculum.

* Provide a range of resources that celebrate our diverse community.

* Develop a cross-curricular structure to ensure equality and diversity is embedded into the curriculum.

* Teach children appropriate terminology.

* Ensure that the content is safe and suitable for all pupils.

* Explore past and present affairs to understand local and global issues.

* Foster the values of attitudes associated with the respect for evidence, the tolerance of a range of opinions and the appreciation of the value of cultural diversity.



Children are encouraged to discuss past and current affairs as a group or with their peers, whilst maintaining mutual respect. After the lesson, teachers will provide verbal or written feedback so pupils understand what they have done well and their next step. Teaching and learning is planned and adapted to meet the needs of all based on assessment.