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Years 3 & 4

Please keep checking this page for any updates, news and activities. 


Year 3/4 Autumn Term 2023






Welcome back! 

We hope that you have had an enjoyable and restful Summer holiday.

Our new Summer Term topic is 'Prehistoric Britain'. We will be travelling back in time to find out what Britain was like during the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.



As the school term develops, we will post information and examples of the children’s work on the Year 3 and 4 pages of the school website or our school Twitter account.




Literacy and language


The children will:

  • discuss the importance of specific characters
  • explore the characters to understand their actions
  • understand playscript conventions, including stage directions. 


The children will:

  • understand key features of explanation texts
  • show their understanding by summarising explanations they have read
  • expand their vocabulary by learning some technical language and finding definitions of words they don't know.


We will also complete units based around the story 'Stone age Boy'  by Sitosha Kitamura


End of year 4 expectations for English.

Þ I can spell most words correctly. (Please speak to your child’s class teacher about the Y3 and Y4 National Curriculum spelling lists)

Þ I can write neatly, legibly and accurately, maintaining a joined style.

Þ I can use paragraphs to organise my writing although may not always be accurate

Þ I can use fronted adverbials and use a comma afterwards.

Þ I can evaluate and edit by proposing changes to grammar and vocabulary to improve consistency, including the accurate use of pronouns in sentences.

Þ I can extend the range of sentences with more than one clause by using a wider range of conjunctions, including when, if, because, although.

Þ I can use sophisticated conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause.

Þ I can use the present perfect form of verbs in contrast to the past tense. Present perfect tense is used for activities that started in the past but are still true now, or have an effect on what is happening now. My friend Kashaan has lived in this town for five years. We have been best friends all that time

Þ I can use inverted commas accurately.

Þ I can use the possessive apostrophe accurately in words with regular and irregular plurals e.g. girls’, boys’, children’s.



Author Study

Each term we will be focusing on a famous children’s Author.  Our Key Author this term is  Dick King Smith.

We hope that the children will enjoy reading his texts and completing some of the activities we have planned for them so that they are enthused about reading!




These are the units of study we will be studying this term.

  • Number and Place Value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Properties of Shape
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions
  • Position and Direction
  • Measures: Money
  • Measures: Volume/capacity
  • Statistics


Year 4 will be completing their times table challenge at the end of this year

Don't forget to keep practising times table facts. 

Click on the link to access the Mathsframe website to test your knowledge. Mathsframe Multiplication Tables Check



  • Belonging - We Gather As God's Family
  • Reconciliation
  • Advent
  • Christmas


Rocks, fossils and soil

  • Are all rocks the same?
  • Grouping Rocks
  • Rocks for building
  • How is soil formed?
  • What are Fossils?



Prehistoric Britain:

  • The Stone Age
  • The Bronze Age
  • The Iron Age
  • Romans in Britain

Art / DT

  • Stone Age Cave Art
  • Making Stone Age jewellery
  • Iron Age Celtic Designs
  • Seasonal Stockings



  • Online Safety
  • Harware Investigators



  • Recorders
  • Charanga



  • Swimming (y4)
  • Ball skills



  •  Why Learn Languages?
  • Greetings and classroom instructions
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Phonics
  • Colours
  • Family
  • Food
  • My Town





A Visit From The Police Community Support Officers

Animals in Hands

Design and Technology - Mini Greenhouses

Coventry - City of Culture

We made these tiles which will be displayed in Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry.

Planting Seeds

Computing - Coding and Debugging