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Year 1 and 2 -Summer Term 2021


As we start the Summer Term, we would just like to thank everyone for supporting our school Motto:


‘Together with Christ Everyone Achieves More’


We know that last term was unusual with the pandemic lockdown, but we hope that we can enjoy being at school for this summer term. So it remains important that we follow the school Risk Assessment. We thank you for your ongoing support.


Summer Term Curriculum

Our topic this half term is 'Coventry Our City of Culture'   We will explore the topic through all areas of the curriculum. We will share many texts from a variety of genres based around the theme to support our learning. We will be visiting our local gallery and other key places of interest within our city as well as focusing on some important characters. We will continue to follow our Read, Write, Inc programme and Literacy and Language programme on a daily basis with the children. The children will also be working to improve their grammar, handwriting and spelling. 



Religious Education

The children will participate in weekly Holy times and assemblies as well as weekly lessons based around the life of Jesus. We will also be sending our prayer bag home with the children. This is an opportunity for you to share a special Holy time with your child at home which they can then share with us in school.


In RE this half term we will be focusing on our faith This will be done through the following units, special celebrations, our church and the mass...


  • The Liturgical Year
  • Baptism
  • Marriage
  • Roles and responsibilities in church
  • Symbols in church 
  • The conversion of Saint Paul
  • St Peter
  • The Mass


  • English
  • Read, Write, Inc
  • Literacy and Language
  • Get spelling
  • Story time
  • Stories connected to our theme Super Heroes
  • Looking at the use of Capital letters, full stops, nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs
  • Non Chronological Reports
  • Writing letters and newspaper reports
  • Sentence structure and use of punctuation

​Throughout all of these units the children will be taught how to :

  • Plan their writing
  • Compose and rehearse their sentences orally (hold/ build a sentence)
  • Organise their writing
  • Evaluate and edit their work



  • Number and place value
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Properties of shape
  • Measures: Mass
  • Statistics
  • Reasoning 


This half term we will be exploring plants. The unit will teach the children about the structure of plants and trees and what they need to grow well. The children engage in a variety of activities including identifying common plants and trees in the garden and in the wild, sorting deciduous and evergreen leaves, and crafting labelled plant collage pictures. Children will plant their own bean in lesson 1 and observe it closely over the coming weeks by measuring and recording its growth


Geography/ History

As our topic is based on the City of Coventry we will be finding out about significant events from the past, the bombing of the cathedral, the industry that Coventry is famous for and significant characters within our city (Lady Godiva) We will also be exploring the cultural diversity of our City and taking part in events for the City of Culture.



The children will take part in outdoor PE sessions with Mr Perkins and their class teacher who will teach the children the skills of ball control, playing team games (tag rugby)  and developing balance and co-ordination. We will also be taking part in some athletic activities.



We will be following the Charanga Music scheme. The unit we will cover this term is called 'Reflection' and gives us an opportunity to reflect back on all the genres of music and songs we have learned this year. Throughout the lessons the children will learn about pulse and rhythm .



In computing we will be looking at algorithms, what they are, how they are used within computing, learning how to follow algorithms to complete online games, using scratch and beebots to develop our own undertanding of algorithms and making up some algorithms of our own.


Art and Design Technology

We are focusing on the work of a local graffiti artist who is creating displays across the city for the City of culture. The children will then have the opportunity to help design and create their own piece of graffiti art that will be displayed around the school grounds.



Please ensure that your child attends school every day and arrives on time. Classroom doors open at 8.30 am.

Please read with your child daily and write a comment in their reading diary every night to show

that they have been reading at home. 

All children will take part in PE lessons on a Friday afternoon.

Please ensure your child wears their PE kit to school on the day they have PE

Miss Daniels Class: Friday afternoon

Mrs Collins Class: Friday afternoon

Miss Brandon's Class: Friday afternoon

Welcome to the Summer Term in Years 1 & 2!

Click below for your daily Read Write Inc lessons.

We love reading! 

Click on the image to go to Oxford Owl. Follow the instructions sent by your class teacher to access the amazing library of eBooks.

Please check your DB Primary account every day for new tasks and messages from your teacher. 

Please look at the Religious Education page to find your RE lessons. 




 We very much welcome the contribution of carers and parents so please let us know if you have any comments, queries or ideas. Remember to access the useful links below which offer some great online activities for your child.

Step up Day Leaflet - Meet the staff